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Well that was a shitty job at a crazy company!
I was stuck not so much burning the candle at both ends, but burning the candle at ends I didn't even realize it had... which, in addition to keeping me from creative pursuits, also meant I literally was not able to go to the docs for the one (1) appointment that would have gotten me on HRT. FUN TIMES!
My new job is very Fun and Interesting. The company actually has an HR department and requires employees to demonstrate they can do tasks compitently before assigning them, for one...
Here's to a hopefully-better time. 10/13/2021
For the past several months, Bennie has been busy working on... a Real Job! Also, buying a car!!!
Fantastically, the car that happened to be The Correct Price (which was: 'cheap') was also a brilliant beetle-blue. Here's to the aesthetic!
The initial plan had been to have the in-progress Halloween Zine/'Monsterous May' prepped for, well, Halloween. Unfortunately, this had to take a back seat to things like: medicating rampantly untreated ADHD, purchasing Other People's Groceries, scheduling doctor's appointments, and writing truely inordinate quantities of Destiny 2 fanfiction - you know, the usual.
Gender Weather over here in the tri-state area has been: mediocre.
Having recently been struck through the heart by the realization I don't own any rennaisance faire (for the unfamiliar: these are a very large and well-populated social LARP game, not simply a place to go get drunk and stare at jousting) garb of an appropriate gendering, I have been engaged more in Craft than in Art lately. Results, should they please any eyeballs at all, will eventually appear here. It turns out I'm actually not too shabby at embroidery.

Progress goals:

  1. Get better at formatting basic HTML...
  2. Make style file slightly... more stylish. Like, margins. Margins would be nice.
  3. add some page illustrations, baybEEEEEE!!!
  4. Crosslist content
  5. Play catchup with Monstrous May content. This will... take a bit. (And is the reason the website is Stalled for the moment)
  6. Custom font time


  1. Crosslist [REDACTED: not youth safe] content
  2. set up for may 'zine work (NSFY)
  3. Establish basic site page hierachy, cordoning off sectors by age rating: AAAAND the youthsafe directory now exists. Empty, but exists
  4. Set up content warning system, youthsafe mirror Genius dev added this item twice.
  5. Figure out why link section of stylesheet is Doing Nothing (A mystery, never to be solved)
  6. transfer over the dreamwidth directory
  7. Switch to a white-on-black scheme

Notes from the first days of this page: I remembered I own an old, old edition of Adobe Dreamweaver and cracked it open. This has not particularly enlightened me as to why this page INSISTS on being black on white!

edit, five minutes later: it's because I trusted the tutorial and this file had no header. NICE! all my pics are clashing...

Making a header graphic got eaten by , so I guess I'll just embed the nicest bit of art I've got hosted elsewhere... oh wait, I made this site because I trust other hosts as far as I can throw them, and my arms are SHRIMPY.

4/27/2021 end state: main page and external self-directory working! Some nice pngs for you to look at!

4/29 - for reasons beyond mortal comprehension, the style doc started working morning of the 28th. Huh. Anyway, I have a project picking up on the 1st that needs a temporary host, so I guess I'm getting this website kicked into shape for that


“Kris “Witch “Kenilworth “Flaming “Male “Nasturtium” “White “Tillandsia” “Snowdrop” “Crocus” “Spring “Fuchsia” “Love-lies-bleeding” “Winter “Mint” “Hyacinth” “Arum “Love-lies-bleeding” “Bleeding “Hyacinth” “Saintpaulia” “Saintpaulia” “Christmas “Wood “White “Wood “Spring “Arum “Male “Grape “Wood “Christmas “Witch “Crocus” “Wild “Winter “Mint” “Bleeding “Lavender” “Tillandsia” “Snowdrop” “Sorrel” “Christmas “Wild “Kenilworth “Lavender” “Nasturtium” “Daffodil” “Wood “Daffodil” “Sorrel” “Kris “Flaming “Grape “Fuchsia” “Christmas